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 Post subject: Defkalion Announces LENR Date, Mitsubishi Enters LENR Mark
PostPosted: Thu 24. May 2012, 06:52 

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Defkalion Announces LENR Date, Mitsubishi Enters LENR Market
JAMIE ODOM - Cleantech Authority

Nothing much new on Rossi, but LENR research continues and becomes more and more real. I think LENR as an energy source is on the horizon.

Grecian company Defkalion has reported that they plan to launch their new Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) system in July/August of 2012. Through their various tests, Defkalion’s design has been shown to produce as much as twenty times the amount of heat more than non-cold fusion systems.

Their system, which contains nine different reaction vesicles, is able to last around six months without recharging. Each vessel is able to produce 5 kW of heat. Thus, the system as a whole is able to produce a total of 45 kW of continuous power.
Lower Input Higher Yeild

The crux of Defkalion’s design is that they’ve been able to lower the amount of energy required for a nuclear reaction to occur, thus lowering the price of the system. They’re calling their version of LENR device The Hyperion, after the legendary man who is said to be the father of the Greeks.

In order to be secure in their findings, however, Defkalion has announced that they will have their system tested independently by seven different well-known organizations world-wide. The company has yet to release the names of six of these organizations and the time in which the system will be tested. The first group to test the system is the Grecian government itself. Each group will be given 48 hours to do their test, then their findings will be compared to Defkalion’s control.
Other Entrants

In other big LENR news, the CERN, which is a multinational research group that finds its home in Europe, recently held a conference in which Japan revealed something pretty interesting: Mitsubishi has entered into the runnings of Cold Fushion in hopes to go beyond just low energy nuclear reactions to low energy nuclear transmutations.

These transmutations will be an energy source that will be portable, will produce rare earth materials, and will have the capacity to transmutate radioactive waste. They’ve changed the acronym from LENR to LENT. And, unlike competitors such as Rossi and Defkalion, they plan on using resources other than palladium, platinum and nickel. It is yet to be revealed, however, what these resources are specifically.

Other companies have also made exciting announcements. Rossi Focardi Cold Fusion is still working hard to finish their project known as the Energy Catalyst or E-Cat. This E-Cat can produce up to 15,000 watts, and it only needs 400 watts of energy to run on.

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